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M ANAGEMENT & ACCOUNTING SOLUTIONS S.A.S - MAS S.A.S is a group of professionals from the accounting, administrative and associated systems areas to offer consulting services of impeccable quality and with the highest work ethic.

is a group of professionals from the accounting, administrative and associated systems areas to offer consulting services of impeccable quality and with the highest work ethic.

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    With a solution-based approach, MAS S.A.S relieves the work of companies and optimizes their internal processes through outsourcing services, also known as outsourcing; By allowing MAS SA to take charge of its internal processes, companies manage to focus on the activities of their corporate purpose and obtain the tranquility and benefits of a group of professionals at their disposal, with experience, knowledge, technology and modern information systems. and efficient. Outsourcing summarizes aspects such as advice, help and solution to administrative problems, among others. Learn the details in the section Services.


    Management & Accounting Solutions S.A.S cuenta con sistemas de información apoyados en tecnología de avanzada y ofrece a sus clientes una metodología especializada de mejoramiento de procesos denominada ESE, siglas de Eliminar lo innecesario, Simplificar lo complejo y Estandarizar lo repetitivo.


    This methodology guarantees clients who trust in MAS S.A economic benefits, investment, trained and experienced staff at their disposal, among other advantages. This is the professional career of the associates of Management & Accounting Solutions S.A.S

    José Raúl Carvajal

    Deputy Director - Public accountant graduated from Universidad Santo Tomas de Bogotá, specializing in information systems design at the University of Chicago; He joined the firm in 1996, in charge of the Financial and Tax Consultancy area. His experience and training includes several graduates in the tax area at the Universidad del Rosario and the Universidad de la Sabana. He has studies in financial management, audit and auditing at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana. He worked for several years at Arthur Andersen & Co. He was controller in companies such as Diners Club de Colombia S.A. today Davivienda; Caja Agraria, today Banco Agrario and worked in the financial area at Editorial Planeta, among other well-known companies in the private sector.

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    Sandra González Mejía

    General Manager - Psychologist from the Universidad Javeriana, with specialization in Management of Small and Medium Enterprises -PYME from the Externado de Colombia University and in negotiation strategies of the Javeriana University. He joined in 1998 and is in charge of Administrative and Organizational Consulting. His professional experience includes management positions in companies such as Diners Club de Colombia today Davivienda, and Colombia Online, among others. He is a specialist in human development issues, management indicators and quality processes and continuous improvement.

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    Eliana Galviz Berrocal

    Public Accountant graduated from the Corporación Universitaria del Caribe has done complementary studies in the tax areas with a Diploma from the Pilot University of Colombia and another Diploma in International Financial Information Standards IFRS at the EAN University. Eliana has been linked to the Company since 2013, performing different positions in the areas of Tax Accounting and Auditing; and has more than 15 years of experience in consulting firms and companies from different sectors of the economy in areas of accounting and operational auditing, accounting processes, taxes, costs and financial and administrative analysis. Currently, Eliana is the Director of the Accounting and Tax Area of ​​the Firm.

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    Yenny Alejandra Díaz Bustos

    Jenny Alejandra is an Accounting Graduate from Universidad Minuto de Dios and has a specialization in Management and Financial Administration from the Universidad Piloto de Colombia and a Diploma in International Business from Universidad Minuto de Dios. He has extensive experience in Financial Analysis, accounting information processing and taxes. She is currently the Director of the accounting area of ​​the Firm.

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    Diana Milena Blanco

    Public Accountant graduated in 2001 from the Central University, with a specialization in Statutory Auditing and Comptroller of the same University and with a diploma in IFRS and International Standards of Auditing. Diana has more than fifteen years of experience in companies from different sectors of the national economy and in auditing and auditing firms such as Ariza Calderón & Asociados LTDA, Grant Thornton Fast ABC & Auditores and Kreston RM S.A. She is currently the Director of the Audit and Statutory Audit Department of the firm.

    Yenny Astrid Díaz

    Public accountant graduated from the Universidad Javeriana in 1993, with training in international financial information standards (IFRS) from Universidad del Bosque. Yenny has extensive experience in the accounting, financial and tax areas and has worked as an accountant in companies such as Siglo Accounting and Valps among other companies.

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    Rely on the ethics, experience and knowledge of MAS S.A's experts and invest your time in productive activities that your company claims. MAS S.A collaborates with the administrative management. CONTACT US

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