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The challenges of an increasingly competitive and globalized economy require that companies recognize the importance of focusing on the activities of their corporate purpose to provide their customers with the best products. This has led them to seek integral solutions to their inconveniences and administrative obstacles by hiring consultants to help them optimize their processes.

Management & Accounting Solutions S.A.S MAS S.A.S is a firm that provides companies with outsourcing services or internal process management, simplifying legal and administrative tasks in the accounting, tax, personnel, treasury, purchasing and inventory areas, allowing them maximum productivity and organizational efficiency. Learn more about the signature in the section WHO WE ARE

Management & Accounting Solutions S.A.S has information systems supported by advanced technology and offers its clients a specialized process improvement methodology called ESE , acronyms of Eliminate the unnecessary, Simplify the complex and Standardize the repetitive.


This methodology guarantees clients who trust in MAS S.A.S economic benefits, investment, trained and experienced staff at their disposal, among other advantages. This is the professional career of the associates of Management & Accounting Solutions S.A.S

  Advising, Services and Products of MAS S.A.S


Process the accounting information, from its birth, based on the documents produced by each company to prepare the monthly Financial Statements of the operations, with the purpose that they comply with the technique required by the accounting principles of general acceptance in Colombia and likewise, that its presentation can be evaluated and analyzed in terms of the reasonableness of the financial situation, the result of its operations and the changes in the financial situation.


Elaborate the different tax declarations in accordance with the current fiscal norms and optimize the resources directed to the taxes, subject to the Colombian laws and more specifically, to the Tax Statute and the Municipal Tax Statutes.


Perform payroll management in an integral manner to involve the liquidation of the accruals and discounts of the law, control of discounts for loans and affiliations and control of benefits, in accordance with the current labor and fiscal regime.


Plan, coordinate and optimize financial resources, seeking maximum performance and minimizing costs through operational control of payment procedures and the preparation of periodic reports to facilitate their administration.


Coordinate and control the procedure of acquisitions and turnaround to suppliers, verifying the availability of resources and adequate compliance with the agreements made in the purchase.


Coordinate and control the procedures for the costing of items (items) of the inventory and establish reports for the management of stocks, with the aim that all purchase and sale of inventories are approved by the company.

Portfolio payment

Establish procedures for all customers to be authorized by the company, as well as prices and conditions. Additionally, it seeks to facilitate billing and collections management.


Among the benefits that your company acquires by contracting the outsourcing services that MAS S.A.S provides, in addition to having the quality, opportunity and reliability features that you need without acquiring labor commitments, are:

  • Improves the focus of your company: Allows managers to focus on more commercial issues, leaving administrative details in excellent hands.

  • Experience and Know How: MAS S.A. offers a wide experience in the different areas of administration, acquired for years in companies from different sectors of the economy; It also provides solid knowledge in the various stages of business development.

  • Benefits of Reengineering: Your company can afford to make immediate changes in the organizational structure, since MAS S.A takes charge directly of the processes and activities that require it.

  • Economic rationalization: Markets, competition, regulations and technologies change extremely fast. The investment that MAS S.A has already made is at your disposal, as well as that of other clients, which means that your economic investment is minimal.

  • Take advantage of resources for other purposes: The outsourcing system allows you to direct funds from non-priority activities to those where you have the best return on your investment, such as image, customer service and product quality.

  • Reduction and control of costs: Resorting to the services of MAS SA allows organizations to reduce operating costs by not incurring additional investments in infrastructure or technology, expenses that can be transferred to their customers via sale price of your product or service.

  • Functions that get out of control: MAS S.A is an interesting option to cover activities that are difficult to control, by the training and training of its staff in managing specialized administrative processes.